Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Comparison of Wiki Products

While I am waiting for my IT group to set up our Sharepoint 2007 platform and redesign our intranet (which will include internal hosted wikis), I thought I might try out some externally-hosted wikis.

One reason, is to see if a hosted wiki can supplement our current extranet platform. The second reason is to see if they will use a wiki as an internal information collection.

The first target will one of our client teams. They have an extensive practices and procedures memo. Currently, it is a three ring binder with a lengthy word document and an appendix of forms of documents.

The first step is picking a host.

In exploring the multitude of choices I came across this site: WikiMatrix. It provides a robust mechanism for comparing wiki products, including a wizard to take you through the comparison.

I have been using PBWiki to help put togther a conference in the fall. It has been a great tool for assembling the agenda and speakers for a group in different cities, in different countries. PBWiki also came up in the list of wiki products that met my criteria in WikiMatrix.

Next step, signing up and starting the wiki.

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