Friday, July 27, 2007

A Survey On the Use of Social Networks

With the summer associates getting ready to finish up their program, I thought it would useful to get their take on the use of social network sites. The summer associates consist largely of law students who will be graduating from law school in 2008 and starting at the firm as attorneys in the fall of 2008.

I am still gathering data from the survey, but I though I would put up some preliminary information.
  • More than 80% have a Facebook account
  • Of those, 2/3 check Facebook at least once a day
  • Only 25% have a LinkedIn account
  • Of those, only 10% check LinkedIn once a week, with the rest answering rarely
  • Only 20% have a MySpace account
  • Of those, 1/4 check it once a week, with the rest answering rarely

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