Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008 CLawBies Nominations

The Canadian Law Blog Awards are seeking nominations for this year's awards. Between now an Friday December 27th you can nominate a Canadian authored legal blog by writing blog post about three Canadian law blogs. (You can also send an email to Steve Matthews ( if you do not have a blog. He did not mention Twitter, but I bet he will take a nomination through twitter: @stevematthews)

One of my favorite legal blogs in Jordan Furlong's Law21. Jordan has a very insightful look into the practice of law and law firms.

Connie Crosby offers great insights into how lawyers can use social media. covers a broad range of topics with an all-star line up of contributors (including Jordan and Connie.)

The awards are grouped into categories, but the judges will take care of that. Just let Steve know which blogs are your favorite.

You may be wondering why a Bostonian like me is writing about Canadian law blogs. Last year I won a "Friend of the North" CLawBie for frequently reading, commenting and linking to Canadian Blogs.


  1. Many thanks, Doug! :-)

  2. Gosh--thanks, Doug! I would vote for yours, too, if you were Canadian. :-)

  3. I'll bet he would take a nomination via Twitter.

    Thanks Doug. :)

  4. Jordan, Connie and Steve -

    I always appreciate my readership from north of the border.

    I meant to translate this post into Canadian, but ran out of time, eh.


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