Thursday, February 7, 2008

LegalTech Wrap Up

Here are my posts from LegalTech:

Although Monica Bay encouraged blogging from LegalTech, the facilities were lacking. The WiFi was spotty and was not free. There were very few power outlets in the rooms. I managed to fire off a few live blog posts but most were re-typing notes.

Other bloggings from LegalTech:

I ran into the anonymous LawyerKM. But I have not seen any posts on LegalTech come up from him (or her).

I also ran into LawTech Guru, Jeff Beard, while he was talking with Rob Saccone of xmLaw. I have not seen any posts pop up from him.

Overall, I found LegalTech to be crowded and loud. I was always looking for a place to sit and chat with people bu there was nowhere to be found. The air quality was horrible. Sure it was warm outside for New York in January, but the conference rooms all felt like saunas. Vendors were tucked into every nook and cranny and hallway. It seems like LegalTech has outgrown this space.

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  1. Doug, I agree. LegalTech is too crowded, the rooms were packed, hot, and uncomfortable. Time for a new venue. Vendors are great, but they should not sponsor the bathrooms (come on!). And you should be able to get a cup of coffee without having to hand over a business card and listen to a pitch about the latest in office coffee machines (is that really tech?).


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