Wednesday, February 6, 2008 at LegalTech

It was great to run into old friends and former colleagues Mark Mansoor and Bernie Podurgiel of at LegalTech. Both Bernie and Mark were attorneys at Goodwin Procter they started Since then, they have managed to add 30%+ of the AmLaw 100 firms as clients. convert thick, bulky paper closing binders into slick, snazzy CD-Roms.

We also integrate their electronic closing binders into our matter database system and client database system. That gives us quick and easy access to the binders for a matter or for a client. This is a big improvement to trying pull my bulky closing binder off the shelf (or trying to remember where I left the binder).

This year was's first time having a booth at LegalTech. Surprisingly, another Goodwin Procter alumnus, Rob Saccone, has his booth for xmLaw set up two booths away from

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  1. Hey Doug -- It was great seeing you as there. And by the way, in addition to Rob's company, Jim Berriman's company, Evidox, was in the neighborhood as well, not with an exhibit, but hosting an "after-party" nearby.

    That makes three tech companies who sprung from Goodwin Procter, a great testament to the firm. It's truly an innovative place where good ideas can grow and flourish.

    Best, Mark


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