Monday, February 2, 2009

Thank You

As things continue to wind down here at KM Space, I wanted to say THANK YOU to many of the people who contributed to this experience.

Luis Suarez. Besides his great thoughts at, Luis also gave me a pass to the 2007 Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. What I learned there blew my mind on the possibilities of combining knowledge management and enterprise 2.0. This blog has continued on that path ever since.

Matthew Hodgson a/k/a Magia3e for making the first comment on my Obstacles to Enterprise 2.0 - Perception of Blogs post. It was great to hear that first voice back from the darkness.

David Hobbie of Caselines for listening to my rants and jumping on the KM 2.0 bandwagon with me.

Ron Friedmann - The first legal KM blogger I knew

Joy London - for being the second.

Steve Matthews - for bestowing KM Space with a 2007 CLawbie and a 2008 CLawBie

Dennis Kennedy - for bestowing KM Space with a 2007 Blawggie

Jack Vinson - for sharing how to mix web 2.0 and knowledge management

Jessica Lipnack - for emphasizing the people side of things and inviting me to speak at Enterprise 2.0 2008.

Trudy Ernst - for supporting this blogging habit while I was at Goodwin Procter.

All of you Commenters over the past two years:

Sorry if I missed any other commenters. Blogger does not make it easy to find out who made comments.

And a special thanks to The Wife for putting up with my blogging habits.


  1. And Doug, thank YOU for sharing so much with all of us! It has been great following you on your journey of learning since it has helped all of us learn along the way as well.


  2. Thanks for running a great blog!

  3. And The Wife thanks you all as well. I know how much Doug has enjoyed sharing ideas with all of you.
    (See, Doug, I really do read your blog.)
    -- The Wife

  4. And The Wife thanks you all as well. I know how much Doug has enjoyed sharing ideas with all of you.
    (See, Doug, I really do read your blog.)
    -- The Wife

  5. Wait! What did I miss? You're swearing off the blog????? (And thanks for the mention.)

  6. Jessica -

    I am moving to a new blog as part of my new focus on compliance. (see A New Chapter for Me

    I am not swearing off blogging, just starting a new one. My guess is that few of the KM Space readers will enjoy my compliance blogging. So I decided to have clean break and start a new blog. The current plan is to call it Compliance Building( was not available).

    News on the new blog should be out shortly.

  7. The Wife -

    Thanks for taking that step forward into Web 2.0 by commenting on a blog. Are you ready to start blogging now? You know you want to? People want to hear about executive compensation and ERISA.

  8. Doug, if I can't figure out how to post a comment to your blog only once, I don't think I'm ready for a blog of my own. But I've started an internal Wiki at work -- baby steps, baby steps . . . .
    -- The Wife

  9. Doug -

    Thanks for a great blog. You've consistently provided educational and thought-provoking content that has made a big contribution to the KM community.

    Speaking personally, I'm particularly grateful for all your support as I entered the wild and woolly world of web 2.0. It's been a marvelous ride thus far and I'm very appreciative of your company along the way.

    Good luck with Compliance Space. I'll have come over for a visit (for old times' sake) and check it out -- perhaps there are KM and compliance synergies to explore? If so, I know we'll find them with your help.


  10. Mary -

    Thank you for your kind words.

    There are definitely some synergies between compliance and knowledge management (At least with my approach). That is one of the reasons I took the new job.

    The current compliance movement is to take a holistic approach and get "in-the-flow" of business processes rather than an extra, later effort. (Sound familiar?)So there is a "knowledge management" category in the new blog.

    Unfortunately, ComplianceSpace is taken, so I think I am going with ComplianceBuilding.

    More to come.

  11. Doug--

    I'd like to echo Mary's comments about a "marvelous ride" and we are all grateful for the contributions and inspirations you've provided here. Although you may not add much I expect (hope) that it will continue to serve as a resource far into the future (for instance, I point in a number of places to your set of social networking posts as the best way for lawyers to get familiar with those services). So please don't kill it!

    Thanks again. I certainly wouldn't have started Caselines without you!


  12. David -

    Don't worry, I am not going to delete the site. Blogger has its weaknesses as a blog platform, but it is free. As long as Google keeps it alive, it will stay right where it is. Just do not expect much new content.

    And thank you for your kind words.


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