Friday, May 4, 2007

Obstacles to Enterprise 2.0 - Perception of Blogs

In my earlier postings on objections to Enterprise 2.0, I mentioned the perception of not being busy and privacy.

A very prevalent obstacle is the ordinary person's perception of what a blog is and what it can do. I was struck by this after the comment of Judge Kozinski highlighted on He called them "hateful" and narcissistic.

This perception of blogs will be big hurdle to overcome when introducing blogs to the enterprise.

Since everyone seems to already have a pre-conceived notion of what a "blog" is, I try not to use the word "blog."

As used in the enterprise, a blog coupled with a RSS feed aggregator, it is simply a "communication tool" or a "website." Post information on this website (don't say "blog") and those interested/subscribed to site will get an notice of the update and the text of the update without being interrupted by email.

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  1. ... and don't forget 'thought incubator'.

    More and more I'm seeing blogs as tools used by professionals to crystalise their thoughts and communicate them to their peers for comment.



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