Monday, May 14, 2007

User Types

The Pew Internet and American Life Project released a report: A Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users [PIP_ICT_Typology.pdf]

From their press release: "Fully half of adults have a more distant or non-existent relationship to modern information technology. Some of this diffidence is driven by people’s concerns about information overload; some is related to people’s sense that their gadgets have more capacity than users can master; some is connected to people’s sense that things like blogging and creating home-brew videos for YouTube is not for them; and some is rooted in people’s inability to afford or their unwillingness to buy the gear that would bring them into the digital age."

They Came up with 10 separate groups:
  • Omnivores (8%)
  • Connectors (7%)
  • Lackluster Veterans (8%)
  • Productivity Enhancers (8%)
  • Mobile Centrics (10%)
  • Connected But Hassled (10%)
  • Inexperienced Experimenters (8%)
  • Light But Satisfied (15%)
  • Indifferents (11%)
  • Off the Network (15%)
I found this more interesting as to how it applies to users in the enterprise. Who will use the knowledge management tools and technology tools?

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