Thursday, October 9, 2008

A New Chapter for Me

Yesterday was my last day at The Firm.

It was hard to walk out the door after 13 great years. Andy Sucoff extended me an offer to join the real estate group during the summer of 1995.  It has been great working with one of the best group of real estate lawyers in the country. I was able to work on interesting and complex real estate transactions. I will miss the practice and my clients.

Don Oppenheimer transformed my practice by introducing me to knowledge management about 8 years ago. The Firm was very forward-thinking in trying to maximize the collective intelligence of its attorneys and staff. And still is. We have experienced tremendous success through the knowledge management program. It has been growing even more with The Firm's adoption of enterprise 2.0 tools as part of the knowledge management program.

I had a great time and learned a great deal during those two chapters of my career. But, a great opportunity presented itself and I had trouble ignoring it. So, now I start a new chapter.

I am taking a few days off to relax. I have some biking trips and kayaking trips lined up. Of course, you cannot rely on New England weather.

Later this month, I join Beacon Capital Partners as their Chief Compliance Officer. It is a big change in career. But I am looking forward to new challenges and opportunities.

As for KM space?

It will live on. At least for a little while longer.  Knowledge management, social networking and enterprise 2.0 are ingrained in my blood. So I will continue to think and write about them. I suspect my output will decrease eventually. But stay tuned.


  1. Doug, good luck at Beacon Capital Partners. Can't wait to hear how you bring enterprise 2.0 to the compliance world:-). -Steve

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  3. Congratulations Doug, I hope this is a great move for you!

    Your blog has a higher pagerank than their homepage, but you should wait a couple weeks before letting them know. ;)


  4. Good luck with the new direction Doug! Enjoy the time off too, I'm jealous. :)

  5. Congratulations, Doug! All the best in your very cool new endeavour, and hope you're able to keep blogging in any capacity!


  6. Congratulations Doug. I'm going to be interested to hear how you merge Compliance with Web 2.0


  7. So it's official. Congratulations, Doug! Enjoy your vacation and be sure to keep us posted on life after The Firm.


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  9. Congratulations and best of luck with your new gig. Enjoy your time off.

  10. Congratulations Doug! I do hope that you keep posting--I regularly forward on posts to the management team here at PBwiki. I'd hate to lose one of my best information sources.

  11. Congratulations Doug, and all the best. You've built up quite a following here. Very interested to hear about how you get on.

  12. Good luck, Doug. Big gain for BCP, big loss for The Firm

  13. Congratulations, Doug! I'm so glad to have met you under the KM guise before you run off on us. ;-)

    I wish you all the best in the new position.



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