Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seeking a Speaker on Law Firm KM 2.0

Given my recent departure from The Firm, I have canceled an upcoming speaking engagement in London on November 12. Let me know if you are interested in taking my place as the speaker. Here is the blurb on my presentation:
  • Examining and reviewing new techniques and tools:
    • Social software, wikis and blogs
    • Document management platforms and collaborative workspaces
    • Automatic RSS feeds
    • Live meetings
  • Connecting with the “Facebook generation” and understanding how communication, expectations and attitudes are changing
  • How will these tools change the law, legal practice and how we manage knowledge?
The session is part of the ARK Group's Knowledge Capture and Retention in Law Firms conference. Of course you get to attend the entire conference if you speak. [Brochure for the conference]

There is some limited financial support for travel expenses.

Contact me at if you are  interested in taking my place.

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