Monday, February 19, 2007

12 Tips to Learn How to Be Curious

Lori Grant published a great article.

I particularly like the last tip: "Slow Down." With the speed of business, business decisions and the execution of actions from the decision, knowledge workers have limited time to slow down and think. The result is often knee-jerk reactions.

As a knowledge management professional it is my job to help my colleagues and clients to get access to information and knowledge quicker, so they can take the time to dwell upon their results.

Assuming the worker has x amount of time to make a decision. If the worker uses 90% of x finding the relevant information and knowledge relevant to the decision, the worker only has 10% of x to make the decision.

By shortening the retrieval time to 50% of x, the worker would have 50% of x to process the information and make the decision or 5 times as much time to make the decision.

Slow down, think about the information you found and make a better decision.

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