Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Knowledge Dump

Rube Goldberg. Wired magazine has a photo spread from the 2007 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest at Purdue University to design a machine that uses the most complex process to complete a simple task: Engineered Insanity: A Gallery of Wonderfully Useless Complexity
Does your knowledge management practice bear any resemblance to these contraptions?

Contract Drafting. I recently discovered Ken Adams blog on contract drafting. Mr. Adams is the author of a A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, published by the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association.

Dell in WalMart. Dell announced it is selling computers in WalMart. I bought my computer from Dell so that I could get the features I wanted and not pay for things that I did not want. Hopefully Dell can survive the experience. There is an interesting story in Fast Compnay about how Walmart and gallon-sized jar of pickles wrecked havoc on Vlasic.

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