Monday, May 21, 2007

Loopholes - Articles on the Business of Law

Some articles on the business of law:
  • Explaining the Value of Transactional Lawyering. Steven L. Schwarcz.
    An academic look at trying to find how transactional lawyers add value in their role in the transactional process. I was surprised that academics thought that lawyers add value by "renting" their good reputation to clients. The results of the study behind this paper debunk that theory.

  • Women Lawyers and Obstacles to Leadership. Mona Harrington and Helen Hsi, MIT Workplace Center.
    The report is based a study of the surveys that show that women and men enter law firms in essentially equal numbers but women leave firm practice at every pre-partner level at a far higher rate than men. The primary reason is the need for more time for family than the firms support. Nearly 80% women who leave the law firm environment move to workplaces that do allow the time they need, even if they are working fulltime.

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