Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cherish the Routine Legal Services

Rees W. Morrison has an article on Cherish the Routine Legal Services.

He makes four points about commodity legal services

  1. Recognize that commodity legal work is crucial for a company's success.

  2. Build on the fact that all legal services move toward commodity.

  3. Apply technology and knowledge management to commodity work.

  4. Reconsider where the work is done.
I was disappointed that he did not mention the use of document assembly systems when applying technology to commodity legal work. I find the use of document assembly can remove a lot of the drudge work from the commodity work, allowing the attorneys to focus on the aspect of the matter that distinguishes it from the rest of the matters in the commodity assembly line. I have found the attorneys to be ecstatic that they do not have to fill in the borrower's name over and over again over the set of a dozen loan documents.

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