Tuesday, June 19, 2007

E2.0 - Enterprise 2.1

Dennis Moore, General Manager, Emerging Solutions, SAP, is looking to the next wave.

We are moving from task work to knowledge work, moving from a manufacturing economy to a knowledge community in the US. (Of course, someone needs to make all of the things we consume.) SAP was concerned because they were focused on workflow around task-based work. They have moved to new areas.

IDC report said 45% use blogs, 43% use RSS and 35% use wikis. He is skeptical of these numbers. The audience (a surely self-selected crowd) had a higher rate of use. People have better IT at home than at work. So they are starting to import those technologies to the office. Compare the mailbox size limit in your Outlook/Exchange mailbox at work compared to virtually unlimited size limit at Gmail and Yahoo!Mail.

He is calling Enterprise 2.1 as emergent technology where the user decides how to match and combine the information. Users also like things are delightful, even if not useful.

He went into a sales pitch for a SAP product called Smart Workspace. It allows the user to pull information systems into a workspace to analyze and solve problems.

He sees Enterprise 2.0 using the wisdom of the crowds, to leverage collective intelligence, to enhance work patters, and to improve self-sufficiency.

Off to lunch and checking email.

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