Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Knowledge Dump

Servers in shipping container. Sun Microsystems is crating a datacenter in a shipping center: Project Blackbox. The build them for a lot of shaking: Project Blackbox Seismic Test. So much for all those lucrative data center buildings people wanted. Not it looks like all you need is a loading dock.

Strategic Business Blogging. Director Magazine has an article on the value of strategic business blogging. "If your competitors have a blog and you don't, watch out. Blogs can also help change perceptions. "(Jack Vinson pointed out this article)

Online Lawyer Ratings. is a website that rates and profiles every lawyer, so you can choose the right lawyer."The Avvo Rating is our assessment of how well a lawyer could handle your legal issue. It is based on data we have collected about hundreds of thousands of lawyers - including their number of years in practice, disciplinary sanctions, and professional achievements. The data comes from multiple sources, including state bar associations, court records, lawyer websites, and information lawyers provide to Avvo. We have created a mathematical model that considers this information and calculates a score on a ten-point scale." This is going to cause trouble. reported.

Marketing the Firm's Technology. Legal Technology has an article highlighting the use of firm's technology prowess in their marketing strategy: Selling Your Law Firm's Tech.

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