Wednesday, June 20, 2007

From The Labs at E2.0

Bob McCandless on the company that provides video and audio experiences. There is the gaze correction challenge. Often you are not looking at the camera when you look at someone else. You can use three cameras to correct the problem, but that causes a bandwidth problem. For perspective corrected viewing, measure the viewing angle and distance to correct for a better image. He is looking for a next generation telepresence so that it looks like the person is sitting in your office and that person sees you sitting in their office.

He demoed a second life telepresence room. They took a live video stream into Second Life instead of an avatar. There is an audio problem in Second Life.

Many Eyes
An IBM project on collaborative visualization, presented by Irene Greif. They started with a baby name project showing the popularity of names based on social security data. Manyeyes is about visualizations of data. She showed a chart tracking US government expenses from 1962 to 2004. It was an interesting way to show lots of information in a very visual experience.

Enterprise Widgets
Denis Browne from SAP showing desktop widgets. One widget tracked the sales figures of his salesman and could drill down into the sales themselves. The goal is to give users the "tip of the iceberg" look into the CRM system.

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