Thursday, June 28, 2007

LinkedIn IPO

The Motley Fool posted a story: Getting LinkedIn to the Next Hot IPO. I particularly liked the story's characterization of the other big social network sites:

MySpace: "chatty teens"
Facebook: "giddy coeds"
LinkedIn: "LinkedIn caters to the white-collar crowd, hungry for leads, recommendations, and job opportunities. Let's call it a networking social site instead of a social-networking site, because it's really all about corporate networking at LinkedIn."

Rueters has the full press release on the IPO. In that story, Dan Nye, the company's chief executive, describes LinkedIn: "LinkedIn is a productivity tool. We expect people to come to LinkedIn and accomplish tasks, then move on. We have no intention of becoming a social site. We want to remain focused on productivity that is important for professionals."

Here is my profile in LinkedIn. I found it easy to find, friends, colleagues and co-workers and add them as "connections." Over the course of the last week since I set up my account, I have created 36 connections and have 16 outstanding invitations.

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  1. Looks like the LinkedIn IPO is going to be another home run for Sequoia. Do you know if Sequoia has also invested in Facebook?


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