Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ross Mayfield

Ross Mayfield of SocialText on software getting in the way. Complexity is in the social network. Vendors tried to put it in the software. Social software keeps complexity in the social network, so lets keep it there. Use simple tools with simple rules to deal with the complexity.

What to wiki?

Start with People. Use it to remove information from email. Make it easier to edit the intranet. Let people express their identities on their intranet.

Start with Projects. Document and share information on a project.

Start with Practices. Develop a FAQ and how-tos.

Start with Process. Have people write down the process and come to agreement on how things should be done. A lot of value by opening the place for answers open to the whole company.

Launched wikiwidgets today.

Here is a link to his slides.

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