Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The Telegraph is reporting that two-thirds of London firm's are blocking access to Facebook and similar sites: Facebook banned by City firms. The Metropolitan Police is reporting that "access to some websites is blocked as there is no business need for employees to access them. Facebook is one of them."

Maybe the Metropolitan Police should take a look at what the police of Belmar, New Jersey are doing: Cops May be Watching Your Party Blog. The Belmar police are monitoring social network sites and blogs to keep a lid on rowdy group rentals.

There is an application in Facebook that posts the releases from the Toronto Police. There are Facebook groups for Applicants for University of Maryland Police, the British Transport Police, the Delaware State Police Cadets, and the St. Andrew's Police Department. [Facebook registration required].

I posted back in May that the London firm Allen & overy had to lift their ban on Facebook because of staff complaints. [Facebook at Law Firms: Cannot be Banned]. That firm stated that there was a business purpose for Facebook.

Maybe the Metropolitan Police need to rethink their position.

Thanks to Stephen Collins at AcidLabs for pointing out the Telegraph story.

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