Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Getting The Most Out Of Your Investment In Worksite And Sharepoint

InterWoven wanted to take two approaches, one with Interwoven as the platform and the second to expose Interwoven through SharePoint. Their exposure through SharePoint is through Worksite for SharePoint.

They provide a lengthy list of webparts:
  • Checked out documents
  • Worklist
  • My Favorites
  • My Matters
  • Matter Worklist
  • My Worksite
  • Search for documents
  • Search for Workspaces
  • Saved search
  • Expose workspace folders
  • User administration
  • Independent folder (assemble a collection documents outside of Worksite - avoids refiling issues, cross library issues)
The webparts have full desktop functionality (or nearly full), including check out, email and add to my shortcuts. Through an ActiveX control, you can have tight integration and open the document and application. You can also change the views of your document list. They also make it easy to remove or disable the menus, so you can dumb down the display.

You can show single pane or double pane views.

The webparts are based on AJAX so it happens fast. (We have some hacks to publish Interwoven folders on our Sharepoint 2003. Ours run slower and are clunkier than these new webparts.)

Also they are going to allow the ability to attach a worksite document to a SharePoint list item. This functionality will be in the next version of the product coming out in 2008 Q1

These are a great set of tools with great flexibility.

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