Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nixon Peabody Showing Us How Not To Handle Public Relations

For those of you who have may not have heard, Nixon Peabody created a song to celebrate being named one of Fortune Magazine's best companies to work for. No surprise that the song is horrible and no surprise that it leaked out to the media.

Above the Law publicized the song and got threatened with legal action by Nixon Peabody. The Wall Street Journal then dog-piled on the story.

Now the story has gone mainstream and has been picked up by VH-1: Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s Never Too Late for a Hot Summer Jam, Courtesy of Blood-Sucking Law Firm. You need to listen to the song to appreciate how horrible it is.

It takes a lot of public relations mis-management for an AmLaw 100 law firm to be mocked by a music video network.

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  1. ridiculous. i worked there for 6 months in 2004; two weeks after taking the job in their marketing department, i knew i'd made a mistake, but took my time finding the next gig to avoid frying pan into fire syndrome. bottom line: it doesn't surprise me that their bonehead marketing folks came up with this crap, sanctioned by bonehead management.


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