Friday, September 7, 2007

Bromberg & Sunstein LLP Wiki Case Study

Monroe Horn of Bromberg & Sunstein LLP published the article in ILTA's Peer to Peer magazine: Promoting Internal Collaboration with an Enterprise Wiki.

The money quote about their use of Confluence as their wiki platform:

It provides a single place for team members to post information; it makes it easy to create and update system documentation as systems are developed; and it gives us a single place to go for all of our internal documentation and policies.

The technology itself, however, does not create collaboration. It just makes it easier. It is still necessary to foster a culture of knowledge sharing and communication so people are constantly thinking not only about doing their work, but also about documenting it. Developing that collaborative culture requires what I call "wikEvangelists," people who post prolifically and encourage others to do so. They have contributed to our successes with Confluence by always asking one question: "Is it on the wiki?"

Thanks to James Dellow for pointing out this story: ChiefTech: Bromberg & Sunstein LLP Wiki Case Study

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