Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Law Firm Recruiting Websites: The Bad

Robert Ambrogi has an article in Law Technology News reviewing the recruiting sites of the AmLaw 100: Recruiting Sites That Draw Thumbs Down. (Free registration required.)

I posted previously on his article on the good law firm recruiting websites. My firm did not make his good list. Unfortunately, it did make his bad list:

"Its breezy creativity could easily have put it on my list of favored sites. But after much discussion with myself, I concluded it was just too over the top for a recruiting vehicle.

The site uses a series of Flash-style videos, characterized by exaggerated text and images, to portray themes such as passion, flexibility, confidence and courage. One partner seems to turn somersaults through the air. A mike-in-hand litigator adopts a rock-star pose. A real estate partner appears to bungee jump. A litigator leans back at a precarious 45-degree angle without visible support.

Everyone appears to be defying gravity and having way too much fun. Even the firm's managing partner and hiring chair are shown shoulder-to-shoulder, smiling broadly and gesturing in poses that suggest a musical comedy duet. All this is no doubt great if you are recruiting astronauts. For recruiting attorneys, however, it strikes me as just too much."

Update: I failed to mention earlier that I happen to like the firm's recruiting site. (I had no involvement in it.)

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