Monday, October 1, 2007

Boston Knowledge Management Forum at Bentley College

Today's Bentley Event for the KM Forum was a great event.

I had planned to do some conference blogging, but ran into some technical problems. There was a shortage of plugs so I had to run on batteries. I sat near a wall, but still no plugs. Also, the room was so bright that I could not see the screen with the lower level lighting on battery mode. Lastly, I could not pickup the wifi connection.

I will post up my notes shortly. Here was the program:

Finding experts: Who you know matters more than what they know - Kate Ehrlich, IBM Research

Convergence of Learning and Knowledge - Joe Horvath, Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Raising the Strategic Profile of KM - Mike Zack, Northeastern University, College of Business Administration

The Case for Tacit Knowledge - Larry Chait, Chait & Associates, Moderator and Speaker

Sense-making and Knowledge Management - Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge

Where KM will be in 5-10 years - Kathy Curley, Boston University, Panel Moderator, Eric Lesser of IBM Global Business Services and all speakers

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  1. Sounds like an interesting event. Not sure how I got off this list as I didn't even know it was happening...and I didn't know you are in Boston, Doug.


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