Friday, November 30, 2007

Why Use Facebook?

I have been using Facebook for a few months now. I had heard that millions of people found something interesting in there. So why not try it out. After all it is free, so I all it will cost me is a few minutes of time to set up an account.

I was surprised to find that Facebook is all about communication and sending information. Facebook aggregates and dis-aggregates information in several ways. In your personal mini-feed, there is a history of what you have done with Facebook (although you can suppress items if you want). You mini-feed is aggregated out and combined with other mini-feeds. So your Facebook friends see your updated combined with the updates from their other friends. Updates and notifications have RSS feeds associated with them, so you can get updated in your feed reader, rather than having to go back into Facebook. Essentially, you are mini-blogging.

With the wide range in age of users in Facebook, you get a wide range of information. Those college students really like to put up drunken pictures and say silly things. My fellow knowledge management professionals, attorneys, legal technologists and enterprise 2.0 evangelists put up some really great content. And gives me some insight into what they are doing.

As C. G. Lynch posted in his story on Why CIOs Should Be On Facebook as more "adult" users join and the Facebookers join the workforce, they may start cleaning up their act.

Facebook turned out to be a great tool. Why not try it out. It won't cost you anything except a few minutes.

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  1. Drunken pictures and silly things? Funny that as a college student, I was quite interested in what you had to say in your posting until I realized that older does not necessarily mean wiser.

    Maybe you should be a little more respectful of the future of legal tech and actually do something to cultivate it rather than slander it.


  2. True.

    I was playing into the hype around Facebook. It can be used in many ways. There are plenty of older (post-college) posting drunken pictures and saying silly things and plenty of college students who don't.

    Apologies for offending.


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