Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Jureeka - Automated Legal Guidance

Michael Poulshock offered me a preview of his new website designed to provide automated legal guidance. According to Michael, "Jureeka.net can be used to advise and screen clients, to administer business rules, to consolidate organizational knowledge, and to diagnose customer problems. Because it's completely web-based, teams of contributors can use it in a wiki-like fashion to rapidly develop and deploy knowledge bases."

This automated approach is interesting. I have heard of some law firms providing a platform like this for routine questions, with flags to contact the lawyers when the complicating factors are indicated. This could be useful way to help clients and junior associates deal with routine legal questions. I suppose with enough work it could even be used to deal with more complex legal questions.

Jureeka brought out flashbacks of studying for the bar. I remember spending hours and hours writing down the black letter rules. Every morning I was at the Dorothy Quincy Suite in the basement of the old John Hancock Building. Every afternoon was spent making flashcards, studying and memorizing the rules.

The memories aside, I decided to try out the site. I set up a rule about cutting down trees in Massachusetts. Logon to the site and see if you can find the rule and see how it works.

I am concerned that this amounts to giving legal advice and could create an attorney-client relationship. I also wonder what's in it for me? I am all for proclaiming I am an expert and reaping the rewards of my expertise. But I am not sure how Jureeka can do that for me.

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