Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Knowledge Management Achetypes

Patrick Lambe of the Green Chameleon published this great collection of archetypal characters to represent a a range of attitudes and behaviors that a knowledge management professional is likely to encounter: Getting Management Buy-in For KM.

Now if I can just figure out which group I fall into. Captain KM?


  1. Dear Doug,
    If you are into archetypes have a look at my blog post called "Archetypes Don't Matter!" at http://www.durantlaw.info/Archetypes .
    My post looks at Patrick Lambe's archetypes and Katie Altham' archetypes - she has over 100 with names like Zeus and Dionysus. They appear to me to be at best an extension and simplification of Carl Jung’s work, and at worst little better than pop psychology or even horoscopy. Frankly I'm not convinced of their use, other than to have a bit of fun.
    Regards, Graham

  2. I think Patrick Lambe's archetype work is very pacific to the names of the characters and to the pacific character he is talking about. Not to you and your personality. more like examples then for you.
    Though I do think that Caroline Myss's archetype work is much better. The archetypes are much more real life like and direct to your personality.

    Katie Altham work I'm not sure of. I haven't read the book though looks from it, if you were to use it for personality work. You would have to cut out a lot for the male and female dominated. Seems like she as quite a few and all to do with the Greek gods.
    Just look at her 6.

    I will still say I prefer a more real life like archetypes. Also I have seen Caroline myss's archetype work similar to finding out your personality from other methods ways.


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