Wednesday, January 2, 2008


It is award season. After Dennis Kennedy honored me with a Blawggie, our friends up North handed me a CLawBie. Steve Matthews put together the Canadian law blog awards.

Jason Eiseman and I are co-winners of the "Friends of the North Award" for reading, commenting and linking to Canadian law blogs.

Toronto has a great law firm knowledge management community that I have enjoyed meeting with in person. I equally enjoy reading what they have to say on their blogs.


  1. Doug:
    Congratulations on the awards. You're helping fill a void for those of us confronted with the practical problems of implementation and limited budgets. Can you recommend some Canadian (or other) blogs that offer practical advice on KM implementation at small to medium-sized practices?

  2. I have not seen a blog focused on KM implementation at small and medium-sized firms. Dennis Kennedy's technology column often has tools and techniques that work better at a small firm than a large firm.

    I think small and medium-sized firms have some distinct differences and needs for knowledge management, depending on their practices.

    A small firm can scale up some individual user focused products that are fairly cheap. Unfortunately, these rarely scale up to a more diverse medium-sized firm.

    One inexpensive may to start is using a wiki and RSS readers. I think wikis are a great resource for law firms of all sizes. I am putting together an upcoming post on Law Firm KM 2.0 of which Wikis will play a prominent role. I also plan to host a session on wikis in law firms at the ILTA conference in August.

    I have several wikis on They have a great free-hosted product and some inexpensive upgraded products with better and more refined security.

    Wikis are inexpensive, easy to set up, easy to train attorneys and incredibly useful.


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