Thursday, February 28, 2008

Google Sites but not a Wiki

There is a huge buzz around the launch of Google Sites. This is apparently what Google decided to do with its acquisition of the wiki company JotSpot.

I found it curious that Google has erased an mention of the word wiki in Google Sites. Stewart Mader also picked up on the omission of that four letter word: The nasty four-letter word that must be banished from the web. It looks like a wiki and acts like a wiki why not use the term. Editable webpage is not very descriptive.

I found it problematic that Google packaged it into their Google Apps rather than as a more free standing application. I have my issues with the Google Apps. I like using Google Docs, but have a hard time navigating around the rest of Google Apps. I can get a PBwiki set up in seconds. Google Apps does not match that speed.

Dennis Howlett complains about the usability issues.

Ross Mayfield notes that Google is targeting Sharepoint and Lotus Notes.

Judi Sohn of Web Worker Daily gives a quick overview of its features.

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  1. I agree that packaging it with G-Apps was a mistake. I was so excited about the "Googleized" JotSpot, but when I realized that it was part of Apps, I was disappointed. I don't have a student email, and can't use my day job's email for such things. I want to be able to collaborate with people other than my work colleagues and classmates.


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