Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Interwoven Express Search = WOW!!

I have been a basher of Interwoven for years, ever since we deployed it (when it was called iManage) almost a decade ago. It has always been good at managing documents and retrieving your documents. It shortcomings was in finding other people's documents. Especially when you were not sure if the document existed. Interwoven is taking a big step to curing that problem.

We are pretty far down the path of deploying version 8.3 of their Worksite product. The big change is the new Vivisimo Velocity search engine. So far it is giving us blazingly fast search results.

They have also delivered a new way to search: Express Search.

Interwoven is giving us "The Google" for documents. It is one simple box that combines several of the metadata fields into one cohesive fast search. It combines the full text search with the document name and other metadata fields to one unified fast search. The results come back fast and based on relevancy rather than a grid sorting on a field.

Did I mention fast?

I can run a simple search. Add other terms one at a time to narrow results and delete terms to back out the search. All with results coming back at the snap of my fingers.

Having the results come back based on relevancy is fantastic. Getting two hundred documents back based on the last edit date is not giving you a meaningful search result.

The Express Search is especially compelling when you compare it side by side with the traditional Interwoven search.

We are still running some testing and deciding on some global settings. But we hope to have it deployed by the end of the month.


  1. Doug, Since a few months have passed since you posted this, are you still happy with the new searching feature(s)? Thanks!

  2. We are still working on the implementation. I wrote a post about this as part of a conference a few weeks ago:

    Express Search is part of Interwoven's 8.3 version of Worksite. It took a awhile to work out some technical bugs and to get a good tool to stress test the new system.

    The stress testing is showing some problems with our systems (not Interwoven) that we need to address. I will share more as our testing begins.


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