Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Avvo Revisited - I am a 23% Better Lawyer

In my previous post on I expressed concern about their use of a numerical rating. I feel even worse about it now. Last night after I signed up for the service my rating was a 6.5. Now, a day later my rating has shot up 23% to 8.0.

I guess I became a 23% better attorney today, going from "good" to "excellent."

Doug Cornelius on

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  1. Doug - I saw your post and wanted to make sure to comment. Keep in mind that we do not automatically give you Avvo Rating points for whatever you put in your profile. If you input something that our system does not recognize, it flags it as “unknown” and our data team (headed by two lawyers) reviews your submission and assigns it the correct value under our scoring guidelines. That is surely why your score jumped after a couple of hours – our data team was able to review these “unknown” submissions. Please be impressed that we could process your data so quickly.

    When we launched in 9 states + DC last summer, we had many lawyers jumping to conclusions and criticizing Avvo without taking any time to understand it. One of those was your fellow MA blogger, the widely read Bob Ambrogi. But, over time, lawyers have begun to understand just how responsible and sophisticated our system is, resulting in them hailing Avvo rather than railing against us. Bob’s latest blog post is emblematic in this regard:

    Doug, please take the time to get to know Avvo. Your concerns will quickly go away. Read our FAQs on the site, shoot me an email ( if something still does not make sense. It’s a great system – great for consumers and great for lawyers.


    Mark Britton
    CEO, Avvo


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