Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back to Work with a Present of SharePoint 2007

After a wonderful four weeks of paternity leave, I am back in the office working on our knowledge management projects.

As a welcome back present, the development team upgraded our intranet from SharePoint 2003 to Micrososoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007. Unfortunately, they are still working on a few permission and editing issues which is keeping us from starting our Enterprise 2.0 projects. (I feel like a dog with a bone on the end of my nose, just waiting for the boss to say go so I can snatch it and eat it up.)

The delay is giving me some time to prioritize my projects. I think first up will be "wiki-fying" my multi-state conveyance database. This was one of my first knowledge management projects on the first generation of our intranet. There is a certain poetry to it being the first Enterprise 2.0 project.

The multi-state conveyance database is our collection of real estate practices, procedures, forms, transfer tax, mortgage tax, precedents and previous matters for each state. Obviously some states have lots of information and some have very little information (Sorry Wyoming!). Its not really a database. Its a collection of webpages hosting the content. They have been notoriously difficult to edit and keep up to date. Equally hard has been letting interested people know about new and updated information. By converting this to a wiki, it should be easier for the entire group to add to and edit the content. It will also be easier to see the changes, verify information and alert the real estate group to new information.

Expect to hear more about our journey into Enterprise 2.0.


  1. Would be really interesting to hear about your experience with SharePoint 2007, especially from the Enterprise 2.0 viewpoint. When we were trying it at work the Wiki-functionality seemed a bit half-baked due to lack of functionality and integration with the rest of the portal.

    Alex Maslov,
    Founder of Nuospace, Enterprise Wiki for Everyone


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