Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Twitter and Tweetclouds

I have been a sporadic user of Twitter. I was first drawn into using it when I noticed that Twitter is easily setup to change your status in Facebook.

Twitter continues to intrigue me. I have exchanged some great tweets over the past few weeks. The synchronous nature of Twitter often throws me off. I jump into a twitter and see that something interesting happened hours ago and the participants have since signed off. But I have had some Twitter Moments. (A phrase I attributed to Ray Sims.)

I like the lightweight and easily digestible aspect of Twitter. One new thing I heard about from Luis Suarez is the ability to create a TweetCloud. It creates a tag cloud based on the words you use in Twitter. This is my TweetCloud:

I am not sure if it is useful, but I find it very interesting. Sometimes "interesting" is enough.

If you sign up for Twitter, I am @dougcornelius

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  1. Hi Doug! Thanks a bunch for the link love! Good post! Actually I think the tweet cloud is very helpful for those who would want to know what you tweet about to see if there would be some keywords they could identify with and engage in the conversation. Terms like Knowledge, Management, KM, Boston, Wikis, etc. certainly are words people can relate to or not and therefore engage further.

    That's why I did mine as well and it surely has helped me understand how I can connect with other folks for the first time. Very helpful!

    Thanks for sharing it with us! Good stuff!


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