Friday, May 16, 2008

Library 2.0 Presentation at the Minnesota Association of Law Librarians

I am on the agenda to speak at the Spring Conference for Minnesota Association of Law Librarians. The first of the conference speakers in Shane Nackerud, Web Services Coordinator for the University of Minnesota.

These are my notes on the first part of Shane's presentation on Web 2.0 and Library 2.0:

Shane started off with a look back at Web 1.0, when the idea was to move print media to the web. You could read and search, but you could not interact.

Shane moved on t0 social networking sites and showed us his MySpace page (largely unused) then to Facebook (used more). Privacy is an issue and librarians can help guide their users through these issues.

Next up was media sharing. YouTube exists solely because of the user contributions. The site owners are not creating the content. The content comes solely from the users.

Copyright is an issue with Web 2.0. This is another area that librarians can apply their skills.

On to social bookmarking and how librarians address folksonomy. He moved onto (My LibraryThing catalog). It has users and librarians adding content, tagging and maintaining.

On to the wisdom of the crowds and the centerpiece was Wikipedia. Although one person may not know everything, but collectively we do. Wikipedia is a useful social experiment in sharing and memorializing knowledge. The encouragement of contribution is one key to 2.0.

On to Twitter, Shane (@snackeru) showed the power of # hashtags and how they can used in sites like Twemes. (Here is the Mall08).

Next up is Shane's second presentation focused on Library 2.0.

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