Thursday, June 5, 2008

Contacts and Household Knowledge Management Revisited

Back during my paternity leave, I posted about my difficulty in trying to manage my personal contacts and the household's contact: Contacts and Household Knowledge Management. It looks like some solutions are started to bubble up.

Yahoo! announced that they have released an API for their Address Book. I run most of personal email through yahoo mail. (To let you in on a secret, my doug@dougcornelius. com and kmspace@dougcornelius. com both run through my Yahoo! email.)

Soon after, Plaxo announced that they now have a live sync with Yahoo contacts: Yahoo sync : it's back and better than ever! Now my Plaxo contacts are synced with my Yahoo contacts and that is synced with my personal Outlook contacts at home. Plaxo's mobile version works nicely with my blackberry browser and I have the Yahoo application on my blackberry.

I am still looking for a way to sync my work contact file with Plaxo. [IT and their security concerns are in the way.]

Hopefully, we see some more developments in this area.

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