Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Enterprise 2.0 - A State of the Industry Address

Carl Frappaolo and Dan Keldsen of AIIM Market Intelligence, provide highlights on the first in-depth Enterprise 2.0 market study, including the results of a survey completed by over 400 Enterprise 2.0 users and evaluators.

My Notes:

Carl and Dan went back and forth with a boomer versus millennial take on the view of the internet and Enterprise 2.0. With Carl as a Boomer in a suit and Dan as the millennial dressed "schlumpier."

AIIM published a Market IQ report on the state of Enterprise 2.0: Agile, Emergent and Integrated.

Age does not matter. There are very different opinions based on age. Culture does matter. It is the single most important success factor. Worry about their attitudes, not their age. Internal champions of enterprise 2.0 tend to be slightly more boomers than millennials.

One point is that organizations are not taking a strategic view of enterprise 2.0. A knowledge management organization is more likely to take a strategic approach.

A knowledge management company is more inclined to increase the rate of networking and increases the rate of adoption. They are more likely to have a more rapid rate of adoption.

Culture creeps cautiously. An organization moves slower than an individual.

Increased collaboration is one of the top goals most organization are trying to achieve with enterprise 2.0. Next on the list was "knowing what we know." (Lots of the goals of enterprise are common with the goal of knowledge management. Here come knowledge management 2.0 again.)


  1. Doug - good to see you again. Thanks for the summary of the keynote, nailed it right on.

    Glad to see my "Culture Creeps Cautiously" meme found at least a toe hold!

    Did you just invent "schlumpier?" Great description... I think. Hopefully it got the message across. Always looking for improvement though - so if I reprise the character, let me know how I can more accurately play the part!

    One quick note - slight typo in the link to my blog, you have it pre-pended with www2.blogger.com at the front. Just plain ol' www.BizTechTalk.com will do.

    See you at the show, or at least around town and online.


  2. Doug: Let me add my thanks as well, and admiration, on two points. First - darn your quick, we barely got off the stage and you had this post up. I need to get on my blog now.

    Second - the blending of a careers as an attorney and KMer. Thats a dream job - to me. Went to law school, and am of course a KM nerd. Hopefully we will run into one another more often.
    Thanks for spreading the word.

  3. Dan and Carl -

    Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing your report.

    I cleaned up the post and the links.

    As for "schlumpier," that is one of the benefits of not having an editor. I can just make up words (and have bad grammar and bad spelling).

    I look forward to your session on wed. morning.


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