Thursday, June 12, 2008

Enterprise 2.0 Town Hall

Wrapping up the conference will be the first ever "Enterprise 2.0 Town Hall", a hosted discussion featuring you, the early adopters of the Enterprise 2.0 culture, the tools and the business practices. After a week of visionary talks and thought-provoking discussion we invite you to participate in this interactive session led by members of the Enterprise 2.0 advisory board.

  • Moderator - Steve Wylie, GM, TechWeb
  • Stowe Boyd - Front Man for The/Messengers
  • Larry Cannell - Analyst - Collaboration and Content Strategies for Burton Group
  • Jessica Lipnack - Co-founder and CEO for Netage
  • Susan Scrupski - Chief of Applied Research for
My Notes:

Jessica, as usual, had the audience introduce themselves.

Steve acknowledged that the wireless coverage was horrific. On the facility issue, it was too cold.

Lockheed martin got a big round applause on their session. Here is David Hobbie's coverage from his Caselines blog: Lockheed Martin & Enterprise 2.0.

There was more interest in the Twitter sessions than the enterprise community back channel on Meebo. The audience disliked the Meembo sessions being embedded in the webpages and made it difficult to monitor multiple back channels.

There was a lot of interest in videotaping or recording the sessions for later use.

The audience liked the unconference. They felt it filled in some holes in the conference. The open sessions were not well publicized or coordinated. A technical person wanted a forum to get really technical.

People liked the community site, but thought it was set up too late. There was too little time for people to set up a profile and connect. The community site just went up the week before the conference.

There was a lot of request to have fewer vendor based presentations.

People thought that the labels on the tracks and the grouping of the sessions did not make much sense.


  1. Jessica -

    Don't get me wrong. I think it is a great idea. I have just come to expect it from you.


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