Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Power to the People: Driving Business Innovation through Communities

Enterprise 2.0 will revolutionize the way we get our jobs done. But, to do this requires an understanding of people, politics, and business practices. Oracle's contribution to Enterprise 2.0 is multi-faceted; Mark will describe how community-aware enterprise systems should evolve, how existing business processes can exploit natural collaboration, and offer some advice to ensure privacy and governance.

Speaker - Mark Woollen, Vice President, CRM Product Strategy, Oracle Corporation

My Notes:

Urgency, fragmentation and engagement are three key factors to the change.

Speed is a factor; there is a need to be connected.

Fragmentation is a result of the fracturing of ways to communicate within and outside the organization. Publication is not solely in the hands of traditional media

There is a need to engage your customers and employees in your brand. You also want to harness talent and ideas regardless of whether they originate in your organization. You especially need to harness knowledge within your organization.

Rigid top-down processes are not nimble enough. need to recognize that people do not live a process driven environment. The problem is that employees are organized hierarchically, but work happens through social networks irrespective of the hierarchy. Collaboration and hierarchy do match up well.

The thrust is to better connect the company with its customers, partners and suppliers to share intellectual capital and social capital to accelerate growth of the company.

"Talk does not cook rice" so he showed some examples Or at least he thought he was providing examples. He spiraled into a whole lot of buzzword speak rather than any meaningful thoughts or examples. In the end HE was not cooking any rice.

The buzzwords continued. The slides were pretty, but I ended up with un-cooked rice.

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