Monday, June 9, 2008

Putting the Social into Social Media at Enterprise 2.0

One of the the great things about blogs, twitter, facebook and other social media is the ability to continue communicating with people even though you are not face-to-face.

One of the great things about conferences is the ability to communicate with people face-to-face who are usually spread around the country or the world.

I had to miss the second half of Dion Hinchcliffe's session on Implementing Enterprise 2.0: Exploring the Tools and Techniques of Emergent Change. (I had to do my usual pick up of The Son and The Daughter from school. The Wife is dealing with the kids on Tuesday and Wednesday so I can stay longer.)

While wandering down through the lobby I ran into table with Stephen Collins (@trib), Luis Suarez (@elsua), Mark Masterson (@mastermark), Emanuele (@absolutesubzero), Lee White (@leewhite), Chris McGrath (@thoughtfarmer), Matt Simpson (@MattSimpson) and others. I had a great conversation with them until I had to run to catch that 4:30 train home. I look forward to more of these over the next three days.

I have been following Stephen and Luis since I first stumbled into Enterprise 2.0. This is a unique opportunity to have so many people with whom I share interests here in my hometown.

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