Thursday, July 10, 2008

Knowledge Management and Web 2.0 Technologies

For those of you in New York City and who are members of the International Legal Technology Association, I will be speaking on Knowledge Management and Web 2.0 Technologies on July 23 to the New York Regional Group of ILTA:
Blogs, wikis and social networking are exploding in the consumer Web space. This session will discuss ways to leverage these tools inside the law firm for knowledge management, project management and many other purposes. The tools are fairly inexpensive and easy to learn for users. You can add tremendous value to your organization for very little cost.

UPDATED: With a fixed link to the event.

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  1. Psst... the html in your link to the event is slightly broken. This might break too, but here it is: (the ampersand got reinterpreted according to html rules...)


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