Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SharePoint and XMLaw

I watched a presentation by XMLaw of their OneView suite of information management tools for SharePoint and in particular, their OneView Connect product. OneView Conncet is a framework for connecting systems and building portal sites.

OneView ties into other data systems in the firm and allows you display the content from those other systems in a SharePoint webpart. Among the standard connectors are those for SQL databases. They also have connectors to InterAction, Interwoven's Worksite, and Open Text eDocs as part of what they ship in the box.

One a single page, you can show the contacts at a client (from InterAction), their billing status (from the time/billing system) and documents (from Worksite). One View also makes it easy to build tabs into a SharePoint webpage to flip between content pages.

The paradigm they use is rendering the content from the other system into a SharePoint list. Then you can format views of the information in a way similar to other SharePoint lists.

Their product is a really powerful tool that allows SharePoint to be more of portal into all of the firm's information, instead of SharePoint merely acting as a separate repository

In the interest of disclosure, Rob Saccone, the President of XMLaw, used to lead the development team at The Firm.

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