Wednesday, August 13, 2008

JD Supra Revisited

When JD Supra launched backed in February, I jumped on board: JD Supra Launches.  I added a couple dozen documents and sat back and wondered what to do with JD Supra: Profile for Doug Cornelius on JD Supra. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical and had not been back to the site since.

Then I got this message:

I'm an editor at [...] magazine, planning a law office technology and practice management theme, and we absolutely need to have an article that deals with social networking as an attorney tool. I downloaded "LinkedIn to My Facebook on My Blog: Social Media for Lawyers and Law Firm " on JDSupra, and that's the kind of article we're looking for. However, it would need to be focused for our readers, who are [...] . They are mostly small office or solo practitioners who work on a contingent fee basis and rely on networking to generate business -- they're generally a little slow to move to "new" technology and need to have its pros and cons clearly described. I'm envisioning an article that will describe using social networking sites and other tools to improve both trial lawyer image and a specific lawyer's practice.
Is there any chance you could retool the article you and Jenn Steele wrote to our  [...] readership—or write an update from scratch, since the technology changes so quickly?
So I was wrong in being skeptical. JD Supra has created value for me. I went back and posted a few more articles.

Maybe you should post some of your documents and articles on JD Supra?
Have you used JD Supra?
Have you gotten anything back from JD Supra?

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  1. Hi Doug, I wasn't quite sure what to do with JDSupra either, or what kind of things I might be able to post there. Thanks for the info on it, and maybe I'll look through it again to see what I might be able to post.


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