Friday, September 12, 2008

Live Wiki-ing Meetings

You readers know that I routinely blog from conferences as way to keep my notes and share them with you (and myself). [see: ILTA 2007, ILTA 2008, Legal Tech 2008 Enterprise 2.0 2007, Enterprise 2008]  The other day I realized I was doing a better job capturing external sessions than internal sessions.

I was sitting in a practice area meeting taking notes on substantive legal issues. We were coming up with best practices and discussing some traps for the unwary. I looked down at my barely legible handwriting and I think I actually saw the light bulb. My notebook practically slammed itself shut. I sprinted back to my office and grabbed my laptop. On the sprint back, I thought I would put the notes on my internal blog: Real KM. But then I thought this substance would be better off being synthesized in our newly launched topics wiki. During the rest of practice area meeting, I typed the notes and final thoughts of the group into a wiki page for that topic. At the end of the meeting, I sent an email to the practice area with a link to the wiki page with an invitation to edit my notes.

Best of all, the partner who led the practice area meeting edited the wiki page.

Ahhhhh, the sweet smell of success.


  1. [sarcasm: on] Come on, Doug. We know that partners won't contribute to wikis (or blogs). They like email and MS Word. [sarcasm: off]

  2. Doug,

    Glad to see that your wiki-ing your meetings! But you should take the next logical step, and project your screen on the wall while you wiki, so that everyone can see what you're writing, and speak up if they disagree.

  3. Here the template I like to use:

  4. Woo hoo. This is a great, simple example. Particularly for meetings that beg for minutes or other notes.


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