Monday, October 27, 2008

Google Earth on the iPhone

With the few days in between jobs, I gave back The Firm's Blackberry and switched over to the iPhone. I love the rich screen and graphics. I love the rich development of applications for the iPhone.

Yesterday, Google released the Google Earth for the iPhone. For those of you who have not used Google Earth, it is a more robust use of the information you access in Google Maps.

For a real estate person like me, the ability to image locations and put an individual property in the context of a larger community is very powerful. One of the reasons I went into real estate two decades ago was the tangible quality of real estate. I am drawn by the relationship of individual pieces of property and how they relate to the other properties and activities around them.

Below is the introductory YouTube video from Google about Google Earth for the iPhone.


  1. Thanks for the tip, Doug.

  2. This looks great! Amazing. Makes you wonder what's next...


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