Friday, January 30, 2009

Collaboration Through Wikis at Hicks Morley

Heather Colman has a piece on the use of wikis at her Canadian firm, Hicks Morley, published on Collaboration Through Wikis at Hicks Morley.

I had the pleasure of meeting Heather back in October and heard her presentation on the selection and adoption of wikis at her law firm.
Since our successful launch, 768 pages, 384 links and 530 internal shortcuts have been added by individual users. The most surprising statistic is that 1,445 documents have been added as attachments. This illustrates the wiki’s overall appeal including its use as a mini Document Management system. ThoughtFarmer has become an effective replacement for the cumbersome Shared Drive. The statistics highlight how easy it is for users, including lawyers, to add pages and content. The automatic navigational structure, search engine and ‘browse by tags’ functionality makes it easier and faster to find information resulting in a substantial drop in the number of email queries. The Intranet has also become a Personal Knowledge Management enabler with many lawyers using their profiles to store personal precedent collections, articles, presentations, speaking notes, etc.

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