Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ABA CLE iPods and Podcasts

ABA is now selling iPods, in your choice of colors and pre-loaded with ABA CLE programs: ABA-CLE Podcasts and Preloaded iPods.

When I initially bought my iPod I ripped my CD collection and bought a few albums from iTunes. Over the last year I have used my iPod mostly for listening to podcasts. It is great way to take in news and information while commuting. My Monday morning ritual is listening to Wait Wait . . . Dont' Tell Me during the walk to the train, the train ride and walk to the office. Of course that means I am the crazy guy giggling to himself on the train or walking down the streets of Boston.

I would be happy to listen to CLE programs or internal training programs on my iPod. Or watch, if I get a video iPod some day.

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