Friday, June 8, 2007

Data Sharing to Promote Your Experience's Legal Technology section has an article by Nancy Manzo: Data Sharing to Promote Your Law Firm's Experience.

I put together a Google Maps mashup to highlight some of my real estate practice experience: Transaction Map. It is more about showing geographic diversity than a depth of skill. I had proposed a similar Google Maps mashup for all of the firm's real estate experience to the marketing group.

I looked at the Hubbard One Experience Management Solution mentioned in the article several months ago. I was very impressed with what it could do.

Take a look at the Jones Day experience search. It gives you a great look at some of the firm's experience. The only problem is that the results are very exact. If you run a detailed search with lots of criteria, you often get no results. It should return a longer list based on relevancy.

The key to an experience management system, as with any knowledge management system, is getting meaningful, up-to-date content. You need a flow of post-action information from the lawyers to populate the experience management system.

Lawyers are not very good at dealing with post-action reviews. Law firms typically demand a lot of information at the onset of a matter. But typically, there is no requirement across the firm for getting information at the end of the matter.

We have been slowly pushing a closed transaction notification process across the business law department. The real estate group instituted a policy of sending a closed deal email to the group. A team of KM administrators harvest that information into our matter information database. There are currently over 1700 closed matter descriptions in the system.

This would be a great feed for an experience search like Jones Day or even to combine with a Google map mashup.

Update: A follow up thought on providing information for a litigation practice or a securities practice.

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