Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday Knowledge Dump

Working on Vacation. Wired reports on people who take theirLaptops on Vacation. 1 in 5 take their laptops with them. 2 in 5 check their email and 50% check their voicemail.

Personal Calendars. Google Calendar has put out a gallery of public calendars for users to add. My family uses Google calendar to keep track of family life. Each of my me, my wife and 3-year old have their own calendar account that we share with each other. Each person gets a different color. It is easy to invite my work email to an event to keep the personal calendar and work calendar working together. I just added the new movie releases.

Jetplane Mashup. JetBlue is offering a Google Mashup on its flights. Now when you look out the plane and wonder what you are looking at, you can look at the map and find out.

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