Tuesday, June 19, 2007

E2.0 Collaborating in the Transparent Enterprise

Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps of NetAge, turned to the people side of collaboration.

"We can't solve 21st century problems with 19th century organizations." A quote from the CIA.

Networks are nodes linked with common purposes. Nodes are people, positions, teams or organizations. Four networks weave the enterprise: (1) org chart - who you report to and who reports to you, (2) working networks - management teams and project teams, (3) knowledge networks - finding experts who help you, and (4) social networks - friends.

Networking requires new principles, new behaviors and new tools. Consistency is important in the online experience. In the physical space, you expect light switches to be in a certain place. The analogy carries over to a virtual space.

Forming teams is good, but you need to avoid the silo-ing of information in these teams. We also need to put thin information coming from the team into context.

"We are born to work and play together in teams, but we have to give enough of ourselves to let the filaments connect." Paul Levy, CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital.

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